It’s Friday again and in keeping with at least one month’s tradition I’ve dug through the archives and come up with something good…I hope!

Those native to Dartford will have heard of Burgundy and more than likely been to see them a couple of times [well my mates have].  It appears I’ve been following and shooting them since 2008 – and I remember a conversation with Gary Ptaszek in the Courthouse about forming a three-piece with a couple of brothers, the rest is history.

I won’t try and label or categorise Burgundy; but the boys [Gary Ptaszek|Dan Tinsley|Gary Tinsley] have been consistently innovative with a unique and exceptional sound.   Their next gig is on the 22/3 at the Water Rats – definitely worth a look and listen []

Looking back through these have brought back some fond memories – give the image a click and I hope they do the same for you!

old burgundy-2