Good weekend?

Saw the new leather Diesel Tribute collection posted on Facebook today and I was immediately distracted – yes I am a slave to the Diesel label and a sucker for very cool marketing!  I’ve been a fan of the label for quite a while now, says a lot about the power of marketing when products and advertising create a look and a lifestyle that make you want to buy into it – am sure I can’t be the only one to fall for this…?   Hope not!  The founder of Diesel Renzo Rosso created the brand back in 1978 and wanted to produce denim garments with a distinct look and feel that were backed by some of the most interesting and clever ad campaigns I’d seen ever – as a result I was hooked.  I wasn’t the only one as some big photography names, individuals and associated brands have been involved over the history of the brand including Rankin, Terry Richardson, Karl Lagerfeld, Ducati, L’Oréal, FIAT, Adidas etc, etc – pretty good going for a fashion school undergraduate who dropped out and started the brand in his 20s and is on the Forbes list now – not too shabby.  Other than the lifestyle I clearly needed to buy into the biggest impression Diesel has made on my is their advertising, and most recently their reboot campaign shot by Nick Night.  The bulk of the campaign was shot on an iPhone and constructed to be social media friendly  – and I think it looks awesome.

The main take home message form this rambling post is twofold; personal drive [prime example being Mr Rosso] is the only way you’ll succeed in life. Cool, out there advertising cannot ever be underestimated.

One closing note [on the off-chance someone from Diesel reads this] – It’s my birthday in April Diesel and I wear a Diesel extra large jacket…failing that I’d love a cool sticker or two for my flight case – love a sticker or two!

Give the pic a click for Diesel’s awesome tribute capsule campaign – ta for reading.