Had a top day out in town on Tuesday with Dani Riot and Sarah Reynolds.  First stop [after coffee of course] was London Edge, a showcase for alt clothing and products and Sarah’s favourite label – Iron Fist! We had a good mooch round and met some very cool people and some great contacts – think my fave from the show was an awesome milliner Philip Wright.  His creations are amazing, he kindly let me grab a few shots of Sarah modelling a few which are in the gallery, including a stunning Peacock feather fascinator! Have to look out for the male model in the crash helmet, did not look impressed. Also there’s a shot of the best dressed man of the day award winner…did well for stickers too for the Peli.

Next stop was Sommerset House to see the Andy Gotts exhibit.


The man is a genius, his images range in style, look and inspiration wildly but each seems to perfectly capture the person behind the camera – some with an eerie sense that they’re in the room with you.  Biggest thing I took away, other than huge admiration for Andy’s work, was that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got a fixed, recognisable style as long as the image works – and Andy’s images really work.  The exhibition is open for one more day – if you get the chance go and see it.

Last stop was the Coal Hole on the Strand to rehydrate and let our brains digest all we’d seen. Good day.

By way of a change you can click on the image and see the gallery!