Happy Friday all!

The sun is out and all is good here at JCP HQ. Hope you’re all feeling the friday love, if you’re not am sure this blog post will help you on that vibe. Was very privileged to be a part of my good friend’s wedding day at the end of May at the Marine hotel at my new favourite place [Whitstable] in Kent. Have you ever been to one of those weddings were it’s so chilled and happy you just do not want the day to end? Well this was one of those. My pub buddies were guests [who all looked fabulous], met some lovely new people and location was just lovely – after party was a lot of fun too! The detailing on the day from the room dressing [by Pippa, Martin and Andy Mc] to the awesome cake [Polly] was beautiful and reflected the mood and location perfectly. Lastly what a pleasure it was to shoot their day and edit the images with my partner in crime Sarah.


Give the image a click for the gallery – hope you all enjoy.