We thought it might be helpful to put together some info if you’re interested in booking a pole shoot with us, or are already booked in and have questions –

Practice – To get the most from your shoot, please come prepared. Have a list of your moves and pictures ideally (as not all schools use the same names for moves), so we can quickly set lights for each shot. Most pole artists can achieve an average of 10 moves in their allotted time space. Get your trickier moves out of the way first! You will get hot and tired from a shoot and we don’t want anyone heartbroken if they’re too tired to perform their favourite move. Arrive before your time slot. If you arrive late for your shoot, we can’t add time onto the end of your session.

Make-up and hair – Same as with costumes, if you’re having hair and makeup that’s different to when you normally pole – practice with it! Long hair, not tied back will dangle on the floor or flop in front of your face – make sure you practice your moves and whip that hair out of the way. With regards to makeup – pole shoots are hot and sweaty. Last thing you want is your face sweating off. Bring a towel with you and pat down between shots.

What to eat – Please, no crash diets before your shoot an eat before the shoot – I don’t want to be dealing with fainters! Pole shoots are hard work and you need energy and fuel.

What to drink – keep well hydrated leading up to your shoot, you’ll feel better and your skin will look better. Please feel free to bring drinks with you and there are kitchen facilities available at the studio location. No boozy nights before a shoot – it just doesn’t work.

Spotting – If you’ve booked a shoot slot just for yourself, please feel free to bring a friend along for moral support. If you’ve bulk booked slots with friends, you can all take turns and assist each other I’m an intermediate pole artist and will be on hand all day to assist with moves and positioning to get the best from your shoot.

Outfit choice – Standard shorts and top or full on fancy dress – the choice is yours – it’s your shoot. Whatever you pick just make sure you’ve practiced in it – lots! No nip slips or worse please. Think about the moves you want to do, the lighting effects and backdrop choices available and pick outfits that will compliment those. You should be able to get two costumes shot in your allocated time.

Practice – What can I say – practice, practice, practice!!!! DO NOT attempt new moves on shoot day. Do not attempt moves you are unhappy with. Unlike during a class, you’ll need to hold each move for longer than normal to make sure we capture the image correctly. When practicing, bear in mind the photographer will be in pretty much one spot and unable to run around to get the best angle. It’s down to you to know where you need to position yourself for each move. Extend those limbs and point those toes more than ever before! Your edited pictures will have some skin softening techniques added if required, but we can’t straighten bent legs etc.

Most of all – enjoy and have fun. If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us


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