Sunday evening, must be blog o’clock – hope you’ve all had a good weekend?

Mine was busy!!!  On Saturday it was the Cyphar ‘Mayhem’ shoot at the Red Lion in Gravesend (and the sun did actually come out!!!).  As I mentioned on Friday I’d been quite organised – pre planning meetings with Ross over pizza and beer and great communication with the band had actually been productive and paid off – we knew what the plan was on the day!  The shoot went like clockwork with the help of the band, Dave for audio cueing etc, the extras and my shooting pals; Simon and Ross.  Ross as ever was THE man and Sarah did a cracking job on the day as production assistant|floor manager|provider of M&M’s (peanut ones obviously).  Massive thanks to all involved.  I can’t go into too much detail as it will ruin the surprise when the final cut is released, but I did learn a few things along the way;

That dude can do an awesome back flip.

Red contacts weird me out.

You get a lot of unburnt paraffin raining down on you when you’re downwind of fire breathers.

Chainsaws are scary.

Cheap eBay LED lights are very tough.

Couple of taster shots to whet the appetite – you know the drill by now – give it a click for the gallery.  Also you need to follow the boys on Twitter | facebook | Soundcloud | YouTube – only if that’s your kind of thing of course!



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