Did start writing this on Saturday, hence the Sun references – seems to have gone now, but am sure it’ll be back once I’m confined to my editing suite during my next monster editing session – which is why this edition is a little late…

The sun is out again – must be shorts weather OFFICIALLY!!!

How has your week been? Mine was hectic, which I like. Editorial shoot, product fashion shoot and the last part of the Cyphar ‘Mayhem’ shoot – plus lots and LOTS of editing [not so good when I can see my neighbours in their gardens enjoying the sun.]

On to the cool stuff and there’s a bumper crop this week.

Oh my word – this is BEYOND cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:ifitshipitshere.blogspot.co.uk

I do like an Aston and carbon fibre is clearly one of the coolest things stuff can be made out of so this needs no further explanation.

However… I did spot this and it doesn’t get much cooler than owning a street legal Porsche 962C and taking it to the shops.

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 15.06.58
Click the image for link | Photo credit:Vimeo

Well worth a watch, a really beautifully filmed piece.

Last car bit I promise.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:500px

Can’t drive, but I do like cars and I do LIKE an F40.

Cool street based stuff.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:distractify.com

My first submission! Ta to Sarah for this one, very cool. And Lego, which is also cool.

Cool garden offices.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:ateliergardenstudios.com

These look good, although not sure my garden with its 45 degree slope lends itself well to one though sadly.

No question, aviators are cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:Linda Farrow

Gold and titanium ones are about as cool as they get. Thanks to Perou for bringing these to my attention. He also has a very cool blog where I spotted these sunnies.

These are cool and clever.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:AnotherMag

As are these

Click the image for link | Photo credit:boomf.com

The present for that person who’s a nightmare to buy for – we all know one.

This is cool.

This blog will ruin your life – cannot stop looking at it! It’s where I found that Aston earlier.

These are VERY cool.


Click the image for link | Photo credit:letbuyshoes.com

And I’m not just saying that as it’s my birthday soon… I just NEED them in my life.

Last but not least

Click the image for link | Photo credit:Schonmagazine.com

Breaking with tradition [of a whole month] it’s a new fashion mag – not something cool from Vogue. Sorry Vogue, not enough cool stuff for me. Schön looks cool and I like their images.

As always ta for reading! Editorials and promo stills to come…