Hope you’ve all had a good one? Mine was busy, busy, busy and somehow it’s now Monday and I seem to have mislaid the weekend somewhere and more importantly I’m late with my Sunday episode of ‘Stuff I reckon’. While lightroom imports and renders the weekend’s files here’s my cool stuff:


Click the image for link | Photo credit: G-Star

Saw this on G-Star’s site while I was looking for inspiration [web-window-shopping]. That’s a good chair , need to find an equally good coffee table now…




Good Glass.


Click the image for link | Zeiss Planar T* 1,4/85

This has become my absolute favourite lens for various reasons. Did look closely at the Canon 85/1.2 but at the wrong side of £1,500 I decided to go for the Zeiss, what with it being cool and German (sort of) and I was keen to use an old school manual focus lens. Wide open it is a bit soft and the manual focus thing does require practise, but once you go for f1.8 and get your eye in it’s AWESOME. Plus my 24-70 fraggled out on me on Friday so I was more than happy for this to be my new go to portrait option. Will do a bit of a write up one day on this lens.

This is NOT cool.


Note to self; don’t put your camera on the floor – if you do, do not step on it. End of lesson.

Dr Marten’s, Dr Marten’s, Dr Marten’s – BOOTS! BOOTS!


Wanted a new pair of DMs for while now – but didn’t want the classic 8 holes, wanted something more trainer like – found these on the DM site and was sold. They’re called Tobias and are made of greasy lamper – erm, that’s good I think. Not seen DM’s new site till I got these, they seem to have done a very good job of reinventing themselves and turning their fortunes around – downside is I remember when DMs were a lot cheaper… or that could be just my age. Got some cool pics tho on their site and their boots are still way comfy and work well with most jeans. Plus my feet have stayed dry.


Click the image for link | Photo credit: www.dazeddigital.com


Ta for reading.