Sunday again – that came round quick!

Hope you’ve all had a good week? Been busy here – have still made time for all you lovely people of course. Had a good day yesterday with James, feet have finally stopped aching [joys of wedding videography] so all recovered from that. Just sorting kit for tomorrow – big editorial production in town – can’t quite get my head round what to take so think it will be everything! Update on ‘Stuff I reckon pt3’ – Ross agreed a tailor made suit from these folks would be very cool – cheers Ross.

On to the cool stuff.

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This set of beautiful images of a cool wedding, probably the coolest I’ve ever seen.

As a photographer who used to shoot a lot of weddings it’s so refreshing to see something genuinely cool – documented so well.

Über cool sofas.

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Those that know, know I fancy|need a sofa, reckon these could be the ones? Quite fancy the pad too.

This is also a cool sofa, maybe this one for my office [loft].

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This IS the coolest comic|film adaptation EVER.

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Anyone who’s not seen it needs to get the disc now and watch it twice, at least. Those that suffered the Stalone version back in 1995 also need to see this to find out what Judge Dredd is actually about. As a lifelong 2000AD fan I could ramble [angry rant] on for hours about why the 95 film was sooooo bad. Was it that it made me shout out loud in the cinema when Dredd took off his helmet? The amalgamation of various 2000AD stories into one? Dredd breaking the law? Rico Dredd still having his nose? Well I won’t go down that road, thankfully. I will say Karl Urban is fantastic in the lead, the art design is spot on and there needs to be a sequel worthy of my list, very soon.

Cool, but pretty freaky.

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Really not sure what to say about these.

The coolest and my favourite Grand Design.

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Watched this episode of Grand Designs years ago and it the bit that stuck in my head was the ENORMOUS ceiling that the couple scraped and repainted over about four months – I get the hump after scraping loose paint after about 20 minutes. The final house was very cool, had half a car inside if my memory serves me. Love the determination and and drive of people and some stunning architecture that has been over the years on that programme.

Coolest breakfast ever.

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Bacon and egg, enough said.

Very cool short.

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Only two minutes long, worth a look. Shows what you can do with one location and a good imagination.

Good ink is cool.

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Found this blog with some beautiful skin art. Truly inspirational. Need more ink.

Cool bag.

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Not sure I could pull it off though.

Cool gaff.

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Reckon he gets decent 3G…?

Last, but definitely not least the ‘fashion bit’ – Little Sparrows


Those that know Sarah may not realise that’s she’s the owner and creator of Little Sparrows and a very talented textile artist [check out the bespoke dress]. For one off items and funky fabric creations please give her a shout.

As always ta for reading!