Happy Sunday [know it isn’t] all,

Really hope you’ve all managed to enjoy some of this sun and you’re not too pink now? Apologies for my absence, been a busy couple of weeks here at JCP HQ, good news is there’s all the cool stuff I’ve collected over the last two weeks [sun glasses are advised for viewing like the song – http://youtu.be/8qrriKcwvlY] to share with you all, plus CYPHAR have finished their music video, which I’ll be blogging about on Wednesday – needless to say it looks super cool. Anyway enough rambling, here’s all the cool:

Oh dear.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:bang-olufsen

My current telly [Sony Bravia 46″] is lovely, and allows me to watch stuff more than adequately, however when I saw this had been released it made me sad to look at it and I felt a bit hollow inside. Just kidding [sort of], have always been a massive B&O fan; their kit is beautifully designed [must have all seen their super cool CD player?], really good quality and most important of all – it is super cool. Their site is pretty cool too – as you’d expect from the B&O chaps.

Coolest magazine.

Click the image for link

Caught up with Perou week before last and I need to share his new publication – EDICT. You need a copy of this, oozes cool stuff, looks awesome and smells really nice.

917 – enough said.


Mooching through Parsons Green on my way to a job last week I saw this in one of the cool shops there – like this a lot. Love that genre of cool line drawing with a Japanese feel and it’s of one of my all time favourite Porches – win win. Anyone feels the need to get this for me I would not be offended in any way.

Cool visuals.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:fstoppers.com

If you [like me] love the look of films shot in anamorphic format [look at The Good, The Bad And The Ugly or Lawrence Of Arabia] you need to have a look at this article on fstoppers. I think it’s good to use kit that makes you think about how images are made and how they look. Pretty cool.

Cool stripes.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:pikebrothers.com

Saw these and liked them immediately. Pike brothers have a very cool attitude to the heritage of denim manufacture and they maintain this by continuing these historic tailoring values in their designs. I like these things. The only problem is now I think I want a pair of dungarees

Cool ring.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:mrporter.com

I get mails from Mr Porter telling what cool stuff is around that I probably need and I think they’re right – need this cool ring from Maison Martin Margiela. Simple, cool, masculine design – all good.

Very cool light fitting.



Click the image for link | Photo credit:trendhunter.com

This is different and would look good in my lounge with my new B&O telly.

This is certainly cool.

tatoo guy cool jacket photo-2
Click the image for link | Photo credit:disturbia|instagram.com

Cool ink, cool hair and a cool jacket = cool dude [smoking isn’t cool kids]. Am a fan of candid street photography – realise this is an editorial image but to me it has that feel about it and is well executed [wish I could just like a pic for the sake of liking without analysis]. Is one of those images that I keep looking at and makes me feel inspired.

While we’re on street photography…

Click the image for link | Photo credit:dazeddigital.com

These are very cool. Haunting in some ways and a real snapshot of what London looked like in the 80s.

Cool note books.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:wordnotebooks.com

Like these. Might have to get some. Only problem is my handwriting is like a drunk child’s – even I can’t read it which can be a problem sometimes. Perhaps I’ll get one and just pretend to write stuff down whilst hanging out in coffee shops.

Cool rework


Had a mooch around the shops last week with the intention of getting a grey denim jacket then stumbled across this in John Lewis and lost the plot a bit. Wanted a levi trucker for a while and very generously Levi and John Lewis have created this rework of the 1967 trucker for their 150th anniversary. Did try to resist but didn’t happen. Did try posting a link but that doesn’t seem to work – if you’re interested look at search for John Lewis and levi’s.

Coolest ad from the 80s.

Click the image for link

Vividly remembering seeing this on telly back in the day when I was very young [not mentioning my age again] and thought ‘wow’. Was the beginning of my obsession with Apple products and the end of any chance I have of saving money. Great visuals by the legendary Ridley Scott – who gets Ridley Scott to direct their TV ad!? Thanks Lisa for the submission.

Keeping with tradition I’m bringing this episode to a close with some cool fashion.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:nylonmag.com

Loved this editorial set from Gia Coppla for Urban Outfitters looks like summers from my childhood – great feel.

As always a massive thanks for reading [sorry was a monster post] and to all those who have commented on the blog thanks for sharing the love. Ta.