Well what a busy couple of weeks – promise I’ve not been hiding!

Have been flat out on a number of shoots, including my very good friends wedding which I was covering [no pressure then], couple of video jobs and some lighting work – all in very good fortnight. In that time I have found that I adore Whitstable, the Marine hotel is a really nice spot to stay at, Next really do make a nice suit and sunburn does hurt. Profoto heads get very hot [kind of knew this already, but clearly not learnt] and the GoPro hero black is awesome – as kit goes it doesn’t get much cooler – more on that another time though.

I’ve been harvesting and stashing the cool stuff for all you lovely folks, here we go –

Über cool upcycling.


So what happens when your girlfriend has some unwanted denim, oodles of talent and a sewing machine? The best cushion ever. As you may have gathered I have a fondness [obsession] for denim so when I was given this I was made up.



Doesn’t get much better than a custom Diesel cushion, with working pockets, does it? Nah.

Cool offices.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:nymag.com

Know us creative types like pretty stuff around them, but if I worked at any one of these places am pretty sure I’d spend my day either playing with stuff, lounging in relaxation pods or just looking at where I worked. Not sure I’d work there for very long granted.

Big is cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:topgear.com

Not convinced it’s very green, or would fit down roads or in any UK car park but am sure you could get a lot of camera gear in it. And scare G-Wiz’s.

She’s cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:boredombash.com

Worked with quite a few MUAs – none like this though.

Cool architecture.




Click the image for link | Photo credit:presentandcorrect.com


A really interesting blog if you like different architecture. I do.


RIP HR Giger – you were cool.


Click the image for link | Photo credit:buzzfeed.com|HR Giger

Know it was a few weeks back the great man left us but wanted to mention him here as his work had a massive impact on me. If you’ve seen any of the Alien films you will of course know his work on the concept design of the alien – remember to this day the first time I saw Alien – that has stuck with me a long time. Giger’s work was so much more than just Alien, he produced a lot of paintings, sculptures and models, many of them very dark. I’m not one to claim I understand art, but i certainly know what makes a lasting impression and HR Giger certainly did that for me.

Cool doesn’t quite cut it.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:leica-camera.com

Only thinking the other day I could really do with a point and shoot then I saw this. Am sold. Just need to root around down the back of the sofa a bit [help if I owned one].

Shiny cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:etsy.com

Nice design and shiny.

Cool fashion.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:ftape.com

As per usual finishing on a fashion bit. Loved the images in this set, real cinematic quality about them.

Better crack on with the editing, should have something pretty to show you all soon – watch this space. As always ta for reading, back soon.