Again, I seem to have let the weekend sneak past me, in a good way though. Had a busy but good one with family stuff as expected with it being Mothering Sunday yesterday – hope you all had a good one? Think I might change it to Monday cool stuff, might be easier and then you can all tune in on a Tuesday when I’m inevitably late?

On with the coolness.

No, I’m not cool but my new suit is!


Don’t do as much wedding stills work as I used to but I am doing a whole load of video and as none of my suits fitted [no, they hadn’t shrunk in the wardrobe either – too big!] and I had a wedding filming job lined up I was suddenly in desperate need of a new whistle – also it seemed just wrong I didn’t own a suit that fitted – every man should own at least one good suit in my humble opinion. After some crazed searching found this online and decided it was the way forward, even better I can now fit in a ‘slim fit’ suit – happy days. In addition as I live in denim [some say too much denim – fools] I like to wear a suit every now and then just to look pretty. [I hope] Thanks Sarah.

This book could be as cool as the film, if not cooler.

IMG_3320 Click the image for link | Photo credit:2000AD

It’s got stuff from screenwriter Alex Garland, pre production sketches for the concept art, the full screenplay and the full comic adaptation of the screenplay. How cool is that!? Really, really do need this book.

Dogs and Magic. Both cool.

IMG_3317-2 Click the image for link | Photo credit:YouTube

This vid is a must watch, a magician outwits some dogs with close hand magic – their responses are brilliant. Please note the dogs all got treats before and after incase you think this is just mean.

A very cool dog.

IMG_3319-2 Click the image for link | Photo credit:YouTube

Always find it amazing how animals manage to adapt so well to situations that would crush most of us.

Fashion is cool – not sure what’s going on here though…

926cee1b5a15b3f3f796de2a3c2c09ad Click the image for link | Photo credit:wmagazine.com

But I like it. Fashion, like art, doesn’t need a reason.

Now this is a very cool piece of jewellery.

ring_1 Click the image for link | Photo credit:kinektdesign.com

Have always loved well engineered things, whether that be cars, steam engines or nice watches it’s all good – this piece just seems to be cool engineering for the sake of looking good – which is all A-Ok in my books.

Cool use of shipping containers.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:viraldoza.com
These look awesome, not sure living in a big steel box in the Mojave desert would be cool though, more like a scene from Cool Hand Luke without some monster aircon.

Brad Pitt looks cool in a dress.

64836_lg Click the image for link | Photo credit:rollingstone.com|Mark Seliger

Am thinking though Brad Pitt probably could make anything look cool, and he’s a good photographer too and rich. Can go off some people.

Apparently it’s a stereo – looking this cool doesn’t really matter what it is.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:devialet.com

Very shiny, metal with nicely designed buttons – I’m sold.

Talking of shiny…WuTang1-e1395794252557 Click the image for link | Photo credit:forbes.com

Wu Tang Clan’s new album ‘Once Upon A Time In Shaolin’. Only one copy will be made and it’s reckoned to go for a six figure sum. If that’s a stretch the album will be ‘toured’ and you can get tickets for around £35K to go and look at the box. It is a nice box though. Reckon this is a cool concept, like a one off piece of art.

Pretty cool fashion video. image
Click the image for link | Photo credit:Dolce&Gabbana

Looks very, very pretty, you’d hope so with this cast, location and Marty Scorsese at the helm! Wonder if they had people haggling over filming budget.

However I think this is how all cool editorial videos should all be [NSFW]

Click the image for link | Photo credit:Vimeo

Think I let the cool stuff run away from me a bit this week… as always ta for reading.