Happy Easter all!

Apologies for the absence of cool stuff over the last couple of weeks, been a busy one – to make up here’s a monster crop of eclectic coolness – enjoy.

Best. Burger. Ever.
Click the image for link

I like food and I especially like good food, but normally I’m not a massive burger fan – sometimes the beef isn’t the best or overdone, soggy bun due to too much stuff or just bland – I have now found the perfect burger and pretty happy about it!

I strongly urge you to get a B-Rex burger as soon as possible. The Bluewater restaurant has a really good look going on too, old school chairs and tables, lots of exposed HVAC ducting, cool lights and most friendly non pushy on-trend staff to match. Epic onion rings too.
My super cool new watch.


Thanks Sarah for my new watch for my birthday. I reckon it is cool, and from my fave label [this isn’t going to turn into another Diesel fan boy post I promise] so I’m a very happy camper who can tell the time at ease.

Cool new camera from Pentax.


Click the image for link | Photo credit:Pentax

50 odd megapixel, live view with a fold screen for the 4K video, big like a proper medium format camera should be and all for under ten grand, pretty cool I think. Images look good too [samples here]

Cool Australian muscle.

Ford Falcon XY Moffat
Click the image for link | Photo credit:uniquecarsandparts.com.au

As you probably have guessed I do like cars, especially ones that come from an era where oversized engines were a must. Know this isn’t the prettiest car around, but it does have a certain retro cool in my opinion and it makes an awesome noise – have a look here if you like videos of old cars being ragged around a circuit.

Very cool chair.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:furniturefashion.com

Safe to say I probably need one of these.

Very cool fashion show.

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 14.42.21
Click the image for link | Photo credit:YouTube|Diesel

This was Nicola Formichetti’s first collection and what a collection. From an artistic and fashion point of view it ticks all the boxes. Crazy awesome audio|visuals, some amazing leather pieces, lots of big zips, cool denim washes, tattooed flesh and models that represent real people. Have the need to shop now… not sure how that works.

Just thought this looked cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:wired.co.uk

That’s I have to say about this.

Bacon is cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:buzzfeed.com

I love bacon. Bacon sandwiches are about the best thing ever. These all look good too, must try the bacon Danish pastry combo…

This guy is beyond cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:sobadsogood.com

Essentially this is an ad for some pretty impressive skin cover up foundation stuff – what is cool is the idea and seeing what Rick Genest looks like without his ink.

Cool brand, cool HQ.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:theglamourai.com

Know I said I wouldn’t get all fan boy, but this place does look super cool!

Creepy cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:worthytoshare.net

Like Silent Hill? Need to check this out then.

These are pretty cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:theguardian.com

And last but not least some fashion cool.

Vanity Fair Italia - 16 Aprile 2014
Click the image for link | Photo credit:ftape.com

Not entirely sure how this is fashion, but imagery is stunning – reminiscent of an ancient Greek statue. Ta for reading and enjoy the rest of this long weekend all.