Happy happy Sunday!

Good week all I’m hoping? Did some accidental photojournalism on Wednesday as there was a St George’s day parade in town – that old adage of the best camera is the one on you? – it’s true – iPhone 5 did the trick, now I need to do some words for the local e-magazine, wonder if I can sneak in a bit about denim at all… Anyway, onto the cool stuff. Funny mix this week, lead story is about food [you know I like food right?]

Pulled pork.

pulled pork photo-2
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This is cool. Had a bun full of the stuff last time I was up at Brick Lane and since then I’ve needed more, so when I spotted this I could not resist or help myself. Now, those that know me might think I’m a bit of a snob [I do like the finer things in life, have expensive tastes and I love a label], but I do love a bargain and was very pleasantly surprised by this offering from Iceland. Serve with some blanched green beans and a side of coleslaw or potato salad and you’re golden.

Elephants are cool.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 15.49.00
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This is a truly beautiful piece of cinematography – really need to watch it.

Cool gadge.

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Finally got with the program and got myself an Apple TV. Usually I’m an early adopter of cool tech and I do love apple stuff in general, but I took a while to come round to this. Think the clincher was when I watched a film on my iPad sat in front of my 46″ Sony and thought that this seems less than ideal – then I decided I needed one of these in my life. Those that don’t know what it is or does [Apple’s site is a bit vague – could do with a statement to sell these things a bit better I reckon] it’s a box that allows you to stream stuff from your iPad, iPhone or any compatible mac to your telly. It works a treat. The only downside is that my [old] mac doesn’t support airplay [apple’s streaming technology] so I’m struggling to share DVDs etc – am trying airparrot – will report on that at a later date. Thanks to Christine and Spencer Reynolds for the birthday pressie.

Pit stink is not cool. [Do like the cuff detail on her denim jacket though]

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Anyone had that dreaded problem where your [fresh] clothes smell bad just about the time you’ve left the house and got to where you’re going to? Nope, just me? Well if you have this might be the solution – if someone could try this out for me and report back that would be cool ta.

Dan is cool.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 16.16.16
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Only met Dan a couple of times, he’s a friend of a friend but he struck me as pretty resourceful kind of guy – went to China, learnt the language, went to Korea, learnt Korean and teaches English there – now it seems he’s cool musician too – have a look. Good example to us all.

Smartphones are cool, Leicas are cool – is this super cool?

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This thing looks awesome – no debate. Seems that Leica have gone all high tech and connected and made the ‘T’ system which seems to be an interchangeable lens camera, with wifi and all that connectivity and what-not that we all seem need in our lives now. Is this an exquisitely put together camera a jump on the bandwagon, or a serious tool? If I had the cash I’d get one tomorrow and decide after the drooling had stopped.

Bit of cool fashion to wrap up on.

the-final-frontier-meisel spread 1 IIHIH
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Just look and let your eyes absorb the cool.

As always ta for reading, see you all midweek and I have some vid work to report on.