Happy Sunday – long weekend here in the Uk, hope you’re all making the most of it?

Know I said I’d do a bit on Wednesday’s editorial video shoot, but decided to wait ’til I’ve cut it and show you that instead, hope that’s cool? The shoot went well, really enjoy working with James and it was nice to meet the rest of the production crew – turned out the groom-to-be was into his clothes so we chatted fashion a lot and it helped he looked like a model from GQ or something. Well, that’s enough rambling, better get on with the cool stuff.

The Alps are stunning and this is a cool spot to stay there.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:viralnovelty.com

Have stayed at some amazing Alpine huts [Rifugios or Hütte] but never one that looks as stunning as this one. In the Northern Italian Dolomites they are a brilliant way to travel, you can plan your route from hut to hut allowing you to keep high in the mountains. There really is nothing better than a large bowl of rustic spaghetti bolognese with a local vino rosso at the end of a hard day’s mountaineering.

Really want to go back to the Alps now…

Epic breakfast muffins.


Not sure if you remember Sunday stuff pt5 but Sarah cooked these this morning – very cool and super good eating. Had to swap fungus for tomatoes [Jon doesn’t do fungus] and they were about as good a brekky as you could want. Ta.

Long takes are very cool.

Screen Shot 2014-04-27 at 16.05.41 (2)
Click the image for link | Photo credit:tasteofcinema.com

Anyone who knows even the smallest bit about cinematography will know how difficult it is planning and getting right a long take, most are well under a minute so when you have a look at these you’ll see why they are so good. My favourite by far has to be the second long take in Alfonso Cuarón’s 2006 ‘Children of Men’ when the military attack a tower block.

Cool minimalism


Click the image for link | Photo credit:architonic.com

Sometimes I wish I had less stuff and a tidy house so I could go for this look, I know that’s never going to happen as I like stuff [clearly], but the thought is nice.

Very cool gadget.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:dailymail.co.uk

Think having one of these would allow me to create works of art [or lots of 3D printed rubbish doodles] and no Jo, I don’t read the daily mail.

Never knew this – cool.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:viralnova.com

Have a look, kinda cool.

Very clever cool design application.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:thedhaus.com

Clean lines, smart design and looks cool – again I hunger for the minimalist looks – although my tatty house isn’t dissimilar to the warehouse press shot on the site – maybe I’ll go for the run down look instead. Ta Lisa for the submission.

Chopping tomatoes often isn’t cool.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 14.17.57
Click the image for link | Photo credit:sftimes

Doing it this way is – it will change your life.

Now that is a cool view.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:viraltales.com

Not been up the Aguile Du Midi but after seeing this it might need to go on the tick list as I need to get back to the Alps again – probably not good for people who can’t walk over those glass sections in the floor at Bluewater – wonder how hard you can jump up and down on it?

Cool moon shots.

Click the image for link | Photo credit:wired.co.uk

Liked this story when I read it – amazing images too – always been fascinated by the dark side of the moon and old archival images. Always wondered what other cool stuff NASA has stashed away we’ve never seen.

Cool concrete.



Click the image for link | Photo credit:facebook.com/Architonic

If you like a bit of cool interior design or some tasty architecture you need to follow these guys on Facebook.

Cool denim [had to sneak some in of course].

Click the image for link | Photo credit:g-star.comc

As always need to finish on a fashion piece so here’s a very cool jacket from those cool Dutch guys at G-Star. Some may think I have enough denim and most definitely enough jackets – news flash – can never have enough denim and or jackets.

As always thanks so much for reading, if you are interested in following this blog [ramblings] theres a link in the footer down on the left – give it a click. Have a good one and enjoy that sun if it’s out.